(This article is English translation of Japanese version. My personal impression is omitted.)

I have benchmarked three latest codecs and one classic codec.

Measurement conditions are:

Core i7-2600K (Sandy Bridge, 3.4GHz, 4C8T) and Core i7-4770 (Haswell, 3.4GHz, 4C8T)
Video clip
crowd_run, 1920×1080, 500f (converted to 2K from 4K YUV420 in Derf’s Test Media Collection at Xiph.org)
Measurement tool
vctest 2.1.0 x64

Codecs are:

MagicYUV and AMV4 state that they are optimized to AVX2. They should achieve high performance on i7-4770, which supports AVX2.

AMV4 does not support multithreading. It is uncommon nowadays. The author says that AMV4 is very fast enough to achieve sufficient performance without multithreading.

AMV4 supports inter-frame compression. However, the results of AMV4 with inter-frame compression are excluded because its performance is almost same whether inter-frame compression is enabled or not (in case of crowd_run).


(Click images to enlarge)

Compression ratio
  • Lagarith and UtVideo (median) achieve highest compression ratio.
  • UtVideo (left) achieves much lower compression ratio than UtVideo (median).
  • MagicYUV (median) and MagicYUV (gradient) achieve almost same compression ratio.
  • AMV4 achieves lowest compression ratio (due to video clip)
Encoding speed
  • On UtVideo and MagicYUV, difference of encoding speed between different prediction methods is small.
  • AMV4 (DR3/DY3) is much slower than AMV4 (DR2/DY2), because of additional process (the author calls it “secondary compression”).
Decoding speed
  • UtVideo (median) is much slower than UtVideo (left).
  • MagicYUV (median) and MagicYUV (gradient) are almost same
  • AMV4 (DR3/DY3) is much slower than AMV4 (DR2/DY2) (because of “secondary compression”)
  • UtVideo is not very faster on Haswell. UtVideo does not have optimized routine for AVX2
  • MagicYUV is quite faster on Haswell. Encoding is slightly faster and Decoding is quite faster.
  • AMV4 is drastically faster on Haswell, both encoding and decoding
  • AMV4 does not output RGB24 during decoding

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