About Donations

All the Softwares I release here are free softwares. However, donations to support development are always welcome.

  • Donations are used for development/validation environment.
  • Donations are reported monthly, with contributer’s name. If you want to be anonymous or want to use alias name, please state that in correspondence column. If not stated, real names are reported.
  • I cannot write bill of receipt for your donation.

Handing over directly

If you have an opportunity to meet me, it is the simplest way.

Prepaid number (WebMoney or Amazon.co.jp Gift Cards only)

If you don’t have any opportunities to meet me, you can use WebMoney or Amazon.co.jp Gift Cards (E-mail type only).

Please send the prepaid number to my mail address . (In case of E-mail type of Amazon.co.jp Gift Cards, Amazon sends mail.)

IMPORTANT: Do not send other country’s Amazon Gift Cards. I can’t use them.


If you are NOT in Japan, you can use PayPal to donate. (Because of legal issue, domestic non-commercial payment with PayPal in Japan is suspended)

Click either of following form button and jump to PayPal’s site.

You can use text area that appears when you click “Add special instructions to merchant” as correspondence column.

Donate in another way

If you want to donate in another way, please contact to .